The collection of Disney Wedding Gowns is out

They always say you’re supposed to feel like a fairy tale princess on your wedding day, and sure, most wedding dresses look like that either way. But if you’ve ever had a specific Disney Princess in mind that you’ve always wanted to look like, you can actually do that now. Disney has collaborated with Allure Bridal and released a collection of wedding dresses specifically designed for Disney Princesses. The collection is called Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection and features 16 wedding dress designs that are modeled after 9 Disney Princesses with some alterations that add different details depending on what you prefer. The average price for a dress in this collection is between $1,200 and $2,500. There is also a special Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Platinum Collection that features 7 dresses that are more expensive because they are decorated with hand embroidery, crystal beads and even pearls. The Platinum Collection dresses are priced between $3,000 and $10,000.


If you’re always related to Ariel, you ‘re probably going to love this dress. I mean, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous wedding mermaid dress with such beautiful and gorgeous details. It’s not your regular mermaid tail, this dress is much more voluminous at the bottom, and it’s meant to symbolize the waves of the ocean.


If Aurora is more of a cup of tea, this wedding gown with a cape is probably exactly what you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. Except that one doesn’t look childish at all, it’s sophisticated and elegant, but with a slight nod to your Disney love.


Tiana ‘s dress is designed to combine her unique taste and practicality. It’s great for those who don’t want a big gown dress, but still want to feel like a true Disney Princess on their big day.

Belle ‘s dress is elegant and feminine, her open shoulders and her cut are designed to show off your most graceful features without making it vulgar or too revealing. The skirt is full, but not poofy, and the detail of the button on the back is just too beautiful to pass.


If you wanted to look like Cinderella, that’s a dress for you. This wedding collection has you covered, just make sure you find a crystal slipper to complete this Disney Princess look. The beading on the dress makes it shine and shine and reflect light in the most magical way, making you look like you just walked out of a fairy tale.


Jasmine ‘s dress has the finest detailing along the body , leaving the skirt mostly flat to show off the exquisite fabrics, and then there’s a precise applique along the hem of the dress. This is simply beautiful.


The Pocahontas dress has the easiest style, but it’s the perfect one to accentuate your natural form. It’s almost minimalistic, but the material is so elegant and beautiful that you don’t need a poofy skirt to make sure it looks like a wedding dress. And again, the design of the button at the back is so beautiful.


The Rapunzel dress is long and flowing, much like her clothes, perfect for a bohemian themed wedding. The wedding dress features a slightly elevated waistline and short cap sleeves that give a touch of Disney Princess.

Snow White 

This is probably the most dramatic dress in the set. The big bow at the back is too large, but it’s so beautiful, freaking. It is a dress that not only impresses people when you enter the house, but holds their attention and makes them do a double — take every time they catch you out of the corner of their eye.

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