Talented Artist Reimagines Hero Portraitures in the Style of Picasso

The Wonderbros are a group of brothers who make art together. Their works has recently gone viral when they reimagined what superhero portraits would look like if they were drawn by Pablo Picasso. The brief answer is that they look amazing. Below, the long answer is presented:

The designers were not afraid of drawing superheroes that were not well known to the general public. Although the cult graphic novel Watchmen has been adapted for film, the superheroes of this series are nowhere near as famous as the staple superheroes of Marvel and DC. Dr. Manhattan is depicted above.

What would it look like if Thor ‘s face were as square as his hammer and “heavy”?

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It seems like Mike knew there was no way for The Incredible Hulk to fit on the canvas. In the confines of this rather small canvas painting, Bruce Banner ‘s green version seems quite crowded.

The reimagined Wonder Woman portrait of Mike pays homage to “Woman Sitting in a Chair” by Picasso.

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Surfer’s Silver. No commentary necessary.

Hey, welcome! Feast your eyes on the lamest superhero in the world: Aquaman! In the upcoming Justice League movie, his comic book version looks nothing like the muscular depiction.

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Feast your eyes on Captain America, the most boring superhero in the world. Wait, do I have a superhero problem, the name of which begins with the letter A? I ‘m sorry, I need to go and think for a while about this …

With a deformed face, Wolverine just doesn’t look as cool. I would be amused rather than frightened if I saw him walking down the street. His blades look like small claws for a cat. With just his left hand, he could still beat me up, but this is more of a self-deprecating joke than a compliment to this disfigured Logan.

As a character, I feel like Hellboy is under-appreciated. He’s badass, he ‘s funny, and the movies of Guillermo Del Toro deserved more attention than they deserved.

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With legs that look broken, how far will Flash get? And how long is it supposed to take him? And is he looking right or left? There are SO many questions I have.

They have also drawn The Joker, in any comic book series, arguably the coolest, most menacing, and bat-poop crazy villain. I think that when this disfigured Picasso-esque portrait looks like a rather natural representation, it speaks loads about the character.

On the pages of a standard comic book, Venom’s face and jaw look terrifying, but for the rest of the month, this portrait will have me having nightmares.

This Iron Man suit looks as if Hulk had given it a thorough bashing.

The most confusing part of the Spider-Man portrait of Mike is that his body looks completely fine, it’s just the head and hands that are totally out of this globe. I don’t think this Spider-Man is going to do something a spider can do.