People That Were Lucky Enough To Marry Their Celebrity Crush

People That Were Lucky Enough To Marry Their Celebrity Crush, Liza Powell, Jeff Richmond, Danielle Deleasa, Maureen Cox. Celebrity Crush, Angela Jones, Priscilla Presley, Marjorie Harvey, Jeff Richmond,

Everyone’s had a celebrity crush at some point in their life. generally reality sinks in sooner or latterly and you realize that they ’d noway be interested in you and the image you get from them is purely grounded on the media and not really commodity you want to make a relationship on. We move … Read more

The Rock’s Best Cheat Meals

If you’re on the web from time to time, you’ve probably heard of this man named Dwayne Johnson. Before he was named things because the most sexy man alive, Black Adam, or the toughest worker within the room, Dwayne Johnson was referred to as The Rock – the people’s champion. And while his career started … Read more

8 Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

2020 was arguably the worst year for humanity since war II, and even now the pandemic persists. As lately April 2021, over 3.1 million people have died of Covid-19. In America — the country with the world’s biggest economy — 580,000 have perished, nearly 20% of the worldwide price . While the pandemic remains raging … Read more

9 Celebrity Daughters Who Look Just Like Their Moms

Even the children of the popular actors and artists look amazing. It’s no wonder. Though this is not a rule and there are exceptions, they more often than not rock similar features, looking just like their parents. Some of those beautiful children turn out to be the spitting images of their celebrity moms and fathers. While sons usually take after their fathers, daughters usually grow up similar to their mothers and even look like twins at times. There are nine celebrity daughters here, who look just like their moms. Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe The daughter of Reese Witherspoon looks like her! The wide grin and dazzling eyes from the brillant golden hair! Ava Philippe might quickly slip into her mother’s shoes if she ever did a Legally Blonde reboot. We still feel completely adorable! Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber Two peas are … Read more

Celebrities Have Unhealthy Habits Too

Celebrities Have Unhealthy Habits Too

Celebs are often praised for their beauty, good looks and healthier habits that make them look their best. And they’re just people, like the rest of us, so they aren’t really perfect. There are also a number of us with bad habits. You’ve heard plenty of them before and they’ve been punished for some of … Read more

Gender Bender Incredible Transformations Of Your Favourites

While there are certainly some people out there who are going to argue for what Ariel the little Mermaid would look like, we think it’s cool to try and see as many interpretations of our beloved characters as possible. How would you, and you, just want to limit your imagination? They are imaginary characters and … Read more

9 Famous actors who have wanted to leave their work, but have been saved with the last minute casting.

Hollywood may sound like a great place to be with all the fame and glamour, but only if the star was fortunate enough to score a breakthrough role that shaped his career. At that time, the route was filled with challenges, minor roles, numerous jobs and rejections. It turns out all of our favorite stars … Read more

8 Most Well-Educated Women in Hollywood | Zestradars

8 Most Well-Educated Women in Hollywood | Zestradars

It’s hard to become a Movie celebrity, but cultivating a career as an actress is a lot harder, all the while learning to get a degree. Acting takes determination, effort and more energy than any of us would imagine, which is why actors who manage to graduate from university (sometimes more than one!) are an … Read more