People found strange things on the beach

A beach trip is probably one of the most enjoyable activities that one can do. It’s often an adventure in itself, but in a state of disbelief some people have spent their walks on the beach, as they found some of the strangest things you probably shouldn’t expect to find there.

If you still think I ‘m talking about a huge quantity of trash or an over-average quantity of clams, let’s take a look at some practical examples that might make your beach trip just that special if you ran into them.

A Bottle of Coca Cola

How not-thirsty are you when this size is enough to sustain and hydrate you? That looks like the size of a Jagermeister shot is barely the same.

A Blown-Up Pufferfish

This man looks like he blew up and then swallowed a balloon which was blown up too.

Huge Lego Guy

Imagine the pain of walking on a standard Lego, imagine now how much pain this guy can cause. He ‘s essentially the Chuck Norris version of the doll.

Crab/Clam Construction

Personally I’m not sure if it’s just crabs, but at least I can see quite a few of them here. They seem to have been piling up on a glass container but now it’s a crab area.

Rubber Duckies

And even wearing sunglasses. Think of a soothing ocean swim, right?

Jellyfish Invasion

If this were any other form of life, then humanity would probably be in dire straits. Fortunately, this is just a bunch of relatively harmless medley.

A Stone Seahorse

I don’t know how it even happens, or what it is.

A Piano

This was clearly a mistake, but well, you ‘re going there. A piano was placed on a small island and this caused people to be baffled.

Alien Fish

Perhaps this is a fish that didn’t really get the beauty award when evolution came along, but holy hell would give you nightmares or what?

Egg Capsules

This may look incredible but we have no idea what type of life is hatching here on our shores. At least we knew that the jellyfish was not a threat.

A Clam Girl

Really, this could be a villain from Batman and nobody would care. And a bunch of clams thought that a statue ‘s face was the best place to build a home, and that contributed to this.

Clammy Jack Daniels

Don’t say you didn’t recognize this shape of a bottle, we both know better! Apparently even clams every now and then like a fine whisky.

Orb of Clams

These clams are always getting into everywhere, don’t they? Which almost looks like a 3D image of a strange geographic world.

Piano Stack

I mean, my respect for anyone who’s done this. I have trouble stacking five dominoes on top of each other without overthrowing the whole thing, but somebody seemingly stacked seven pianos on top of each other. On the water!

A Torpedo

How do you imagine something that’s exploding? Only play! Dear, boys. So we are not an enduring race.