Google taking all ‘G Suite legacy heritage free edition’ druggies to start paying for Workspace this time

In 2020, G Suite came Google Workspace as part of a mass reorganization of the company’s apps for the“ future of work”. Colorful plans were migrated over, and Google is now eventually getting relieve of the G Suite legacy heritage free edition.

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legacy free edition of g suite

“ Google Apps” for businesses and seminaries were introduced 16 times agone and was discontinued in 2012. Still, the company made no significant changes to those free accounts in the once decade, until moment.

In an dispatch to directors this morning, Google said it “. Will now transition all remaining druggies to an upgraded Google Workspace paid subscription grounded on your operation.” As similar, Workspace’s simplest loose plans are for Nonprofits and Education (Fundamentals).

After getting free Gmail, Drive, Docs, and other apps for the once several times, companies/ people. Will need to start paying for those Google services. And the capability to use your own custom sphere ( rather of just

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They’ve until May 1 to elect a new plan (of which there are several categories). Or Google will do it for them “ grounded on what (they) presently use with (their) G Suite legacy heritage free edition”. Still, billing wo not start for at least two months if you were automatically upgraded.

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Elevation from your G Suite legacy heritage free edition to Google Workspace will only take you a many short way. And isn’t disruptive to your end- druggies. To support you in this transition, you’ll have reduction options for 12 months after July 1, 2022.

Plans start at$ 6/ stoner/ month with Business Starter and go up to$ 18/ stoner/ month.

Veritably small businesses with just one being Gmail can also upgrade to Workspace Individual for$9.99/ month. But won’t get a custom dispatch address. Google will suspend your automatic Workspace subscription/ accounts if you don’t enter billing details before July 1, 2022.

After 60 days in suspense, you’ll no longer have access to Google Workspace core services. Similar as Gmail, Timetable, and Meet. You may still retain access to fresh Google services, similar as YouTube and Google Prints. Enter a legitimate shape of fee to repair your suspended account.

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Google is offering a reduction for 12 months or the capability to export your association’s data. While further details are available in this FAQ support composition.

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This was a long time coming, and it’s unclear how numerous people were still using “ Google Apps.”. While there will be further than a many businesses caught in this transition. I would not be surprised if there were numerous further individual, non-enterprise druggies impacted.

The paid aspect of this upgrade will clearly be contentious. But it comes as Google over the once two times has been hard at work streamlining its immolations for businesses. Integrated Gmail is the high illustration, while there’s also the classic Haunts to Google Chat transition. The company likely sees the end of G Suite legacy. Heritage free edition as helping fund that ongoing and unborn work.

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