Gender Bender Incredible Transformations Of Your Favourites

While there are certainly some people out there who are going to argue for what Ariel the little Mermaid would look like, we think it’s cool to try and see as many interpretations of our beloved characters as possible. How would you, and you, just want to limit your imagination? They are imaginary characters and not hurting anybody if we mess around with what they look like. If you saw Spiderman in the Spider-Verse, you know so other nations had their own spin on the same superhero, and it makes sense for anyone to do so with other characters as well, we ‘re not only paying attention to superheroes. Today we were hoping we should look at some of our favorite childhood characters in a different and interesting way. This artist has a really unique style and some of those ideas we will certainly get behind him. Spectacular genderswaps warned you ahead of time.

1. Ariel

Ariel looks simply incredible as a guy and we love there is a little seashell necklace here instead of a seashell shirt. And as you can see, Flounder, the best friend of Ariel’s, is now a girl fish with a stunning hair ring and very long eyes.

2. Princess Mononoke

It is actually more prudent to tell Prince Mononoke for that analogy. But you can’t argue in this situation that the gender swap looks completely fantastic and we’d like to see a movie like that. Though obviously the original is favorite.

3. Beaty and The Beast

It is such a sweet and amusing version of Beauty and the Beast. The male beauty really looks like it should be on the cover of a romance novel when the feminine beast just cracks us up with the lipstick and curled hair.

4. Elsa

Be honest, you should not say no to this edition of Elsa. Can anybody, please, turn that into a movie? We ‘re pretty sure there will be a lot of followers, focused entirely on the fact that others still have a crush on Jack Frost.

5. Pocahontas

Who is this pretty dude with a stunning necklace? Sure, this is obviously the male equivalent of Pocahontas and let me just add that he looks good as hell. What is your view on long-haired dudes?

6. Esmeralda

Look at this open top, the golden necklace, the arched eyebrow, that smile. We stan male Esmeralda and everything he stands for. Do you see why they’ve been the most beautiful musical in history? Similar than the original, of course.

7. Ursula

As a male actor, Ursula looks a lot fitter and like he’s spent hours in the gym. Do gyms take place at the bottom of the ocean? Can this man pick up heavy weights with all the tentacles? And is he floating around just a lot?

8. Jacka and Sally

The gender swap has obviously not changed any of us. Nightmare Before Christmas was such such a great tale that we are pretty sure that shifting the character’s sex wouldn’t change the way the film was heading.

9. Cruella De Vil

How was Cruella just wicked in the film and the male counterpart looked good here too? I mean, of course, the entire idea of a puppet fur coat is insane and evil, but it’s a perfect combination of hot character and adorable puppies if you just look at this drawing. What one you wouldn’t want?

10. Maleficent

Let’s close this on the male version of Maleficent. We believe that this is an actual artistic production. Could we continue to get actual movies somewhere, please, where the villains look like this and dress like this and are so awesome? Nice on top with a cherry please?

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