Dog obsessed with the breaks of tennis balls

Meet Finley, the golden retriever who is 6 years old and who absolutely loves tennis balls. He loves them so much that he can stuff six of them all at once into his mouth. He’s a good guy who just enjoys his life to the fullest. With that there is nothing wrong.

A lot of dogs love to play catch and lots of them love to chase tennis balls. Those tennis balls are just about something that makes them irresistible to dogs. If you’ve ever played with a dog you ‘re going to know they ‘re going absolutely crazy for them. But for a tennis ball there is simple excitement and then there’s an obsession. We are pretty sure we are obsessed with the dog we ‘re about to tell you about.

Meet Finley, the golden retriever who is 6 years old and who just loves tennis balls. He likes them so much that he can cram six of them all at once into his mouth. How will he be doing this? We don’t know but don’t kink shame on Finley to each of them. He’s a nice guy who just loves his life to the fullest. For that there is nothing wrong.

His parents started to realize that after becoming a puppy he liked tennis balls, first he could only pick one at a time, but soon he taught himself to do 2 at a time. Yet, when he was 2 years old, his talent started to appear. He handled just 4 tennis balls at a time back then but that was still pretty impressive. He ‘d stuff his face like a huge hamster with tennis balls, and be overjoyed when he succeeded.

He can now proudly stuff his cute little face with 6 tennis balls at age 6, which is apparently a record. He hasn’t even got his name in the record book of Guiness yet, but we are pretty sure that will happen eventually. Because the previous recorded amount of tennis balls that a dog might pick up apparently is 5. So at this point Finley’s ahead by one. We didn’t even realize that these record kids were there, but now that we do, we can’t help but cheer on Finley and look forward to official recognition of his talents.

Yet we wonder if Finley may well be far from his mark. He seems to be a fun-loving but hard-working dog and he is only 6. Who knows by the time he turns 7 maybe he should pick up 7 balls? It’s just time to learn. Yet meanwhile we’re asking you to join Finley on Instagram to see his success and cheer on his achievements. Be sure he is called a good guy in the comments, he loves to hear it and it certainly inspires him to search for new Guinness World Records.