Celebrities Have Unhealthy Habits Too

Celebs are often praised for their beauty, good looks and healthier habits that make them look their best. And they’re just people, like the rest of us, so they aren’t really perfect. There are also a number of us with bad habits. You’ve heard plenty of them before and they’ve been punished for some of them, some of which they ‘re struggling to pin off. Yet at the end of the day it’s sort of good to learn that even actors are getting their bad habits. Any of these, right here.

1.Don’t Shower Every Day – Brad and Kristen

You may never believe Brad Pitt and Kristen Stewart had anything in common but they really do. We both do not take regular showers. Brad has admitted that raising so many babies means only a few days scratching his armpits and not showering. Yet Kristen was also seen with greasy hair, which means she definitely didn’t wash it well. But once again, it is wrong to wash your hair every day, evidently. Let’s be honest, on a rainy day, a lot of people needed a shower, the only difference is that nobody noticed it because we don’t have paparazzi following us everywhere.

2. Coffee Addiction – Selena and Hugh

Most of us want to start the day with a healthy cup of coffee but at the same time we realize that too much caffeine is not good for our wellbeing. Selena Gomez admits she can’t even go a day without drinking coffee, and Hugh Jackman admitted that on the fringe he’s addicted to it, he enjoys it so much that he even made a coffee shop.

3.Not Enough Water – Gigi and Zendaya

It’s suggested to drink 8 cups of water a day for one occasion. Water makes your body work easily and can also leave your skin burning. It’s probably the first tip any star can give you-drink more water. Yet Zendaya admits she hates drinking water and model Gigi Hadid claims she never remembers drinking plenty of it and her mother urges her to still do so.

4. Smoking Is Bad – Sophie and Naomi

We know smoking is terrible for us, it also says so on the cigarette box and all the horrific images of what it will do to your insides. Yet knowing the risks won’t deter people from smoking, it’s one of the habits that is impossible to leave. Smokes Naomi Campbell and so does Sophie Turner. It’s sort of remarkable, considering their smoking habits, that they even look so good.

5. Running On Little Sleep – Renee and George

Another thing we are all told we need for at least 8 hours of decent quality sleep is. Yet not all of us can really do it and it turns out some people struggle with that as well. George Clooney admits he simply can not sleep through the night and sometimes gets up several times a night and it’s probably much worse now that he’s having kids. Yet Renee Zellweger has said that sometimes her life is so hectic that she simply doesn’t have the energy to get enough sleep, yet occasionally she fails to relax because her mind simply won’t shut off at night.

6.Sleeping In Makeup – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for her looks and makeup skills, she also has a beauty business which makes her a billionaire but it turns out she has a dirty little secret. Perhaps she can be pretty lazy sometimes and if she thinks she’s got a busy day the next day she’ll probably go to bed with makeup on and get a couple extra minutes of sleep the next morning, rather than wake up early to put it on. Make-up sleeping is very bad for the face, it clogs pores and triggers breakouts, so we can only presume that Kim does it very occasionally and only wakes up with all the finest creams, serums and facials to cover for the harm she may have done.

7. Crash Diets – Beyonce and Reese

Everyone will tell you that just eating and exercising healthy every day is the best way to stay in shape, but some celebrities have a different approach. Beyonce was famously on a very crazy 22-day diet right before her performance at Coachella. And Reese Witherspoon also once went on a diet that for weeks had her eating just baby food. They both obtained the results they wanted but it sounds miserable at what cost.

8. Junk Food Love – Kylie and Jimmy

Junk food is the devil but it tastes so amazing that we can’t help but indulge sometimes. Most people stay away from it, but Jimmy Fallon claims he only enjoys popcorn and is an aficionado when it comes to popcorn flavors. Kylie Jenner is also a huge fast food enthusiast and you can always see her take selfies of burgers , fries and other junk foods. Only remember-everything in moderation.