Why It’s Really Extraordinary Being Single At Christmas

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Best 7 Alien Movies Ever

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The 8 Funniest Actors Alive

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7 Really Cool Movies About Berlin

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12 Amazing Netflix Shows That are Either Renewed or Canceled

Netflix is understood for being a platform where just about anything features a chance to magnify and become subsequent big thing. However, it’s also a business that, love it or not, must cut its losses when necessary. Here are 12 astonishing shows that have as of late been either restored or dropped. The Dark Crystal: … Read more

What felt like our favorite villains when they were young

Playing a villain is one of the toughest acting decisions an actor can make. You do it poorly and you stay the hideous villain that looked like he belonged to a sitcom for ever, but if you do it right – everybody will remember that one part for the rest of their lives. Which makes … Read more

8 Times The Film Industry Reused Costumes

Times The Film Industry Reused Costumes

Have you ever seen a costume in a show, and wondered – have I ever seen it before? It sounds very familiar. Was that because it’s a traditional look for that period, or is it because the costume is being reused? We ‘re not sure because some of those look really similar if not identical. … Read more

10 Famous Movie Roles Almost Played By Other Actors

10 Famous Movie Roles Almost Played By Other Actors

There is a long, excruciating casting for the leading roles before any big film is produced. Sometimes the success of the entire film or film franchise depends on the proper casting of the main characters , particularly with book and comic adaptations. There’s a certain picture in people’s minds and if the actor doesn’t fit … Read more

9 Superhero Movie Deaths We Can’t Get Stuck

Seeing deaths in superhero movies isn’t uncommon, but that doesn’t make them any less hurtful. We ‘re pretty used to having bad guys meet their demise (that’s what everybody actually wants to see), but when a superhero meets his end, it’s a whole different story. It means the ends of his or her whole arc and with that character, there will be no more adventures, plot twists and love stories. Not to mention the equally devastating deaths of super-powerless human heroes! Here are nine deaths from superhero films that we still can not get over. Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy) How could one character gain so much love with just one line? Yet this is exactly what happened to Groot, who was only able to say ‘I am Groot,’ but turned out to be one of the most charismatic and caring characters we’ve seen. At the end of the film, when they were crash landing, he sacrificed his life to save the whole team. With his own tree-body, He protected them! Spider-Man (Avengers: Infinity War) This young Spidey made everybody fall in love with him, the minute we saw him in the films first. To see him literally turn into dust has been one of the most difficult things ever! Avengers : Infinity War has been a real tear-jerker, … Read more