Beautiful Doors Of The World

There are two types of people, to my mind. Those who see beautiful doors and want to take a photo immediately because it looks like a portal to a whole new world, full of endless possibilities and beautiful interior design and those who just walk past without noticing it. And if you’re the latter-boring. Pretty doors make the streets look more interesting, they literally add a splash of color to a street that’s otherwise boring and what’s wrong with that? How just don’t people notice that? How do they not get curious about why they chose that particular color and shape? How do they not get curious about why they chose that particular color and shape? Don’t they wonder what it looks like inside the house? Cause if the door is so beautiful, and it’s just the entrance to somebody’s home, just imagine how awesome their living room is. Well, let’s take a look at some beautiful doors around the globe and fantasize about who lives behind it and what their home looks like.

1. So if I had to guess I would say plants love to people who live behind those doors. There are some definite plant moms living there and we can only dream of how beautiful their home is and how a potted plant probably exists on each surface.

2. The one on the left looks like someone who lives in that house very neat, probably everything has its own place in their home and if they have any animals they have to be well trained. And on the right, that cafe seems to have the tastiest cakes of all time.

3. Blue and white are just a great blend, no matter how you look at it. There is just a magical thing about it. The person who lives in a house with such a door looks like that has a great taste.

4. The doors that are most seasonally suitable ever, they probably change with each season too and look equally fascinating each time.

Blue doors are superior yet again, you know? You just can not deny that without even trying they look chic.

6. There is a particular kind of atmosphere about doors surrounded by vineyards. I wish every building had been overgrown with ivy, to make it look romantic and mysterious.

7. Vines and ivy merely add mystery in a house. And if you trim it, or let it go wild, it doesn’t really matter. Both options will look great, and will improve your house’s overall look.

8. Are those beautiful doors with small balconies over them the most slender? Does it make you think about Romeo and Juliette too?

9. Doors are among the most vibrant and beautiful ones you’ll ever see in Greece. They ‘re just so full of character.

10. And some doors are magical portals leading you straight to the seaside, a perfect way to get into any holiday if you ask me.