Australian hair stylist Does The Hair In Quarantine of Her Boyfriend

Many people are out of work because of the COVID19 pandemic worldwide and hair stylists are among those who don’t know when they will be able to get back to work. The essence of their job involves communicating with many different people every day and they are out of job because we are advised to separate them. And because most are self-employed this means their spirits are much smaller. Yet Australian hair stylist Heidi has found a way to keep the spirits of people occupied and uplift them a little bit. Heidi’s boyfriend Geoff is a software engineer so he spends a lot of time working away at the computer while Heidi is left to her own devices.One day she just started to style his hair as he worked and at midway through decided to make her into a hairdo on the theme. She was taking a picture and posting it online and it blew up. She has received so many requests and a sea of positive reviews that she has chosen to continue doing so. She shares the funny results on her Instagram but there are a couple you definitely can see here.

1. George Washington

This is where it all started. That was the first hairstyle Heidi created and posted online on her husband. This has only since gotten better.

2. Cindy Lou Who

He just looks like the Cindy Lou, isn’t he? Heidi does note that it’s not exactly her heavy hairstyling. She’s a specialist in drawing, so learning a new skill has been enjoyable and she’s sure at some stage she’ll be able to integrate it into her work.

3. Prom Date

Let’s be honest, that’s exactly what most of us at our first prom looked like. What a resounding throwback. We do love the tiny hair clips, those are always getting us here.

4. Amy Winehouse

What you need is big hair while you are trying to channel your inner Amy Winehouse. Amy used to wear lots of hair extensions and clip-ins. Wonder if that’s the real hair of all of Geoff.

5. Princess Leia

So what do you think, boys? Enough fawning over Princess Leia, how you are really trying to dress up as her, then we’re going to chat.

6. Viking

What you really need to feel like a Viking is an axe-like knife, and some nice braids. If you’re ever in need of a short costume from Halloween-this idea is up for grabs.

7. Joe Exotic

I mean you can’t really do crazy hairstyles and try the exotic look of Joe, can you? At this point it is a classic of the modern day.

8. 80’s Rock Star

Geoff really would be making a great 80s glam rocker if he wanted to. He has the presence on the stage, and the face. This is what you need.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Something like Breakfast at Geoff’s because at the moment none of us will really go out for breakfast. But yeah, why are we not just dressing up this weekend and doing our hair this way for breakfast?

10. Punk Boy

The through the hair-the closer they claim to Christ. Okay punks have to be so tight their hair is so thick that it barely fits into the picture. Did he needed to walk through doors to duck?

11. Pin-Up Queen

When you are an symbol of beauty and a queen pin-up and a goddess of the house all in one. Geoff is that, he is that good. And we all appreciate, of course, that he encourages his girlfriend to do this and to share pictures of him online.

12. Post Malone

Let’s end this on Post Malone’s fast and easy hairdo. You should certainly try this at home and only use tattoos with eyeliner.

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