Artist starts a business that creates unique colorful marriage gowns

Marriages are an important time in the life of all. Many people think of it as the day that will forever change their lives, in the sense that they’ll have a partner and start a family. It is kind of like a level up in real life. But the life of Taylor Ann Linko changed in a very different way, a few months after her wedding. Taylor’s always wanted to be an artist, you see. She always had an interest in art and was a pretty creative woman who often took on creative projects. But what she dreamt of was being able to financially support herself with her art and she never expected this to happen due to a wedding dress.

First let’s start at the top. Taylor knew that her wedding day was coming and was looking for a perfect wedding dress. But Taylor knew no white dress will ever do. She loves color and has a pretty colorful personality and she wanted to reflect that on her wedding dress.

Many people would probably go for a custom made wedding dress in that case, but obviously that would cost a lot, because even plain white wedding dresses are not inexpensive. So Taylor went for a different solution, she found a dress that she liked best, and then she chose to paint it herself.

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She spent quite a while choosing the right colors and worrying about how best to mix them. Before finally trying to do it on her outfit, she tried various methods of applying the colours.

The process took a couple of weeks but eventually, Taylor was ready to change her outfit.

She used airbrushing as her dress-coloring strategy and we have to admit that it was a great idea. The beautifully blended colors and the airbrushing technique made for a magnificent gradient effect and a seamless blend of the colors Taylor selected.

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At her wedding everyone loved the dress and thought the dress was such a beautiful example of Taylor ‘s character. She looked very beautiful. To remember the gathering, she took several pictures and her one of a kind outfit.

It was only a couple of months later when Taylor realized she was receiving loads of social media messages. People started to like her pictures and send her messages on both Facebook and Instagram. It turns out her photo was posted on one of the major online gossip sites and that’s how people heard about her unique outfit.

The blog hasn’t even credited her as the picture girl or the artist who painted the dress.

But these days, people are smart and they managed to track her down online to compliment her dress. And ask her if she could paint her dress.

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Taylor was over the moon, her hard work paid off and people trusted her.

And were willing to pay her for painting their wedding dresses, which is quite a big deal. She got so many messages and requests that she decided to rent a tiny wedding dresses studio not far from where. She lived, and start her own business painting. In the end her dream came true. She was able to use her art in a way that would really offer her not only pleasure. But real money she could use to financially support herself.

If you’d like to see some of Taylor’s dresses you should join her on Instagram or go to her website. And that’s how Taylor ‘s wedding turned into a day that forever changed her life. She never felt it was like that, so she was pretty upset about it.

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