9 Famous actors who have wanted to leave their work, but have been saved with the last minute casting.

Hollywood may sound like a great place to be with all the fame and glamour, but only if the star was fortunate enough to score a breakthrough role that shaped his career. At that time, the route was filled with challenges, minor roles, numerous jobs and rejections. It turns out all of our favorite stars is going to give up acting for good. Fortunately for us, they were saved with last minute casting! Here are nine well-known actors and actresses who almost abandoned their employment before they became famous.

Gal Gadot

This sporty, feisty star had been through plenty before she was eventually remembered by Hollywood. Looking at Gal Gadot, it’s hard to imagine that this beautiful actress should not be thrown aside by anyone. Once she won Miss Israel’s title and served with the Israeli Defense Force, the biggest challenge to her was Hollywood. She thought she had enough after several refusals, but then Jack Snyder asked her to a secret audition and Gal Gadot eventually took on the part of Wonder Woman!

Henry Cavill

Do you see such a stunning and skilled actor stood on the verge of quitting acting? This, however, is true! Henry Cavill got so many denials that eventually he decided to join the force. Then, happily, Superman had come along and changed his life for good. And we now have the ability to enjoy his talent in The Witcher, too.

Stewart At the outset of her acting career it wasn’t going very well for Kristen Stewart. She was driving from audition to audition only to hear ‘no’ for a reply. The last item on her resume was the Twilight audition-after that she was ready to give up! She played Bella’s part in Twilight, which quickly became one of the most popular film franchises.

Cooper Bradley Cooper seems to be one of the most famous contemporary stars, but that’s not exactly the way it was. He suffered a great deal at the outset of his career to find a respectable place to play. His first major breakthrough was with the Alias TV series but his post-production involvement was significantly reduced. Bradley Cooper was struggling with depression at the time, and was talking seriously about calling it a break. He has had to take a year out of acting due to a sporting injury, but returned as good as ever. Right after a part of He’s Only Not That fell on You and things started to get better from there on!

Watson At the end of the movie show our favourite character, Harry Potter, was willing to call it a leave. While she was just 8 years old she played Hermione, spending all her youth and teen years on and off screen sets. The actress admitted she was sick of such lifestyle and deeply worried about giving up acting. She quickly learned that being famous has its advantages and can become a great voice for female equality, which Emma Watson is very strongly about. She stayed in the industry after the conclusion of Harry Potter ‘s series, and continued to love The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Pattinson Before he was on Twilight, we saw Robert Pattinson in quite a few plays, but things were not going too well for him. You ‘d be surprised to find out that his audition on Twilight went terribly wrong! Following that, the actor acknowledged he lost all hope, but, luckily, he was approached the next day – his segment. Twilight undeniably sky-rocked his career to greater heights, providing more chances of securing fewer gleaming roles in other films.

Danes Homeland Star has been attempting to find a spot for two disastrous years. Claire Danes admitted that she was on the brink of saying ‘no’ to act as if continuing to attend the auditions without any outcome was too complicated. The actress was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress while acting in Homeland. It was a breakthrough performance which gave her career a much needed boost.

Johansson Scarlett Johansson may be one of the most famous actors in Hollywood but as a young woman in the industry she has had a tough time. She spoke about leaving acting in her teens, even though it was her biggest joy. The actress accepted that the identity she had created had been so sensualized that she was asked to play roles in which she was not confident. Fortunately, things have changed for her as the general environment of seeing women in Hollywood has increased a little. Females now have more pieces to pick from, no matter what their race.

Hemsworth Nowadays, everybody likes Chris Hemsworth and thinks he’s a brilliant star but he suffered with those minor parts earlier in the day, not realizing what’s going to happen next. Following a small part in Star Trek in 2009, Chris Hemsworth had an eight-month period where he couldn’t play any major role. It cost him a fee, as he kept going from audition to audition, but without any performance. Ultimately, he decided it was time to leave everything and go back to Australia, but one more time he went to another audition. For The Cabin in the Woods it was an audition and he played the part! He then joined Red Dawn and eventually became the leading man of Thor-a film that characterized his reputation for years to come.

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