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7 Foods you will find in just about any community

One of the joys of life is the degustation of dishes from various countries and although of cuisine is different in terms of combinations of ingredients, spices, and preparation methods – they all have something in common. There are many foods that are similar and can be found across the world but they are cooked differently by each, infusing them with different flavors and spices. Let ‘s look at universal foods you can find in just about every culture.

1. Rice

Rice is a staple of Asian and African cuisine, but you’d be hard pressed to find a cuisine that doesn’t contain rice dishes these days. No matter what country you ‘re visiting, you’ll still be able to find rice in the supermarket and most countries also have a rice bowl. China has popularized stir-fried rice, Japan is renowned for sushi, rice is used in Indian cuisine as a basis for curry dishes, etc. We use it in soups , stews, risottos and even as a rice-pudding dessert.

2. Beans

There are many varieties of beans and many countries tend to choose a certain form of bean, typically one which can be grown locally. Beans are an integral part of many worldwide cuisines, and a good source of plant protein. Others prefer them in soups and stews, others serve them with rice and vegetables, brits love beans on toast for breakfast and green bean casseroles at this stage have become popular.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are highly flexible. There are several different sizes and colors, and while they are generally seen as a savory snack, we all know and love sweet potatoes as well. They are popular around the world and there are too many ways to rely on them for cooking. Could you even choose a favorite kind of potato dish when mashed potatoes and fries are present, and hash browns and baked potatoes and roasted potatoes, etc?

4. Corn

The humble corn originated in South America but has conquered the planet since. And while you might think of canned sweet corn or corn on the cob immediately, let us remind you that corn is a huge part of breakfast. You like cornflakes, right? Don’t you? And the thing that makes pizza crunchy all over? Yeah, in the crust, that is cornmeal. This is perfect when it comes to stir-fries, salads, soups and is commonly used in many cuisines.

5. Lettuce

Listen, we know that most people don’t think anything about lettuce, but you can’t ignore that each culture has a whole bunch of salads that use it as its foundation. Yet even though you’re not a salad lover you can’t deny it adds a good crunch and a touch of freshness in wraps, burgers and sandwiches.

6. Fish

Cities are usually built around water, whether it’s the ocean, sea or river, and water is fish. Therefore nearly every culture out there has fish dishes in their kitchen. Fish is great not only because it is a good source of lean protein but also full of good healthy fats. And of course, each cuisine has its own way of cooking fish, whether it is frying, steaming, boiling or simply marinating and consuming it raw.

7. Chicken

Anything better than chicken? Chicken has become the most popular food in the world. Wherever you are in the world, chicken is the safe and tasty option for everyone. Unless of course you are vegetarian. And chickens naturally come with eggs, the best breakfast food for everyone but also a main ingredient in a lot of baked goods and desserts.

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