2021 Dream destination in Iceland-Sky Lagoon

It’s fun to talk about flying in 2020 as that’s how we anticipated the year to go. Some of us arranged summer breaks, concerts to travel to, events to watch, friends to see. But then, we ‘re all stuck at home, looking at the same four walls, worrying what fresh pain the new day is going to offer. But let’s strive to remain hopeful for a minute, no matter how weird and unusual it may sound at the moment. We ‘re going to continue to believe that 2021 is different and stronger.

Think this pandemic will end in 2021, life will come back to normal and hopefully we’ll be flying again. How would you like to take the first place? Will you want a peaceful megapolis night out, a shore holiday or a mountain hike? Let me tell you of a rare option that appears unlikely, a combination of too many nice stuff.

The new retreat is scheduled to open in Iceland in the spring of 2021. It is called the Sky Lagoon and is the material of dreams. It is a refuge in the seafront with geothermal waters. You will have the opportunity to bathe under the open sky, in a natural geothermal pool with a view of the ocean and beautiful surrounding nature. And if you’re lucky and come in the right time, you’ll also be able to see the Northern lights whilst sipping a sun-drink. Yeah, we know that the magic sounds pretty frivolous.

The idea is that you can relax physically, emotionally and spiritually on an entirely different way and connect with nature, while feeling full hospitality and consuming tasty, eye-catching foods and beverages.

Sky Lagoon is situated in the middle of Reykjavik, in the harbor of Kársnes, Kópavogur. It will allow their guests to immerse themselves in and out of the retreat and to experience the city in a more cheerful mood.

We offer a cool swimming pool and an ocean view sauna at first, and the building is designed to mimic and fit in with Iceland’s natural scenery. There will also be a 70-metre infinity pool planned not only to have ocean views, but also to blend the edge of the resort seamlessly with the surrounding area.

All in all, it seems like an awesome concept, and while there is no clear date on the official webpage when this amazing place will open, they say ‘Spring 2021.’ So let’s hope when it does actually open up and we’ll be able to experience Iceland’s elegance and warmth at Sky Lagoon.

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