16 Tech Gadgets Ripped Right From The Future

People enjoy buying all sorts of practical (and not really) tools. Many of these devices make our lives simpler, others only a bit more fun. And I’m thinking about modern technologies, so what about the future? What’s going to happen to our flat screen TVs and smartphones in 100 years? I have no idea, but I can tell you for sure, on the basis of these specific prototype pictures, that I’m going to start feeling tired really soon.

Here are 14 engineering devices just stolen from the future!

1. Not just a. pen, but a 3D camera! You can sketch whatever you want, or you can create it, now!

top gadgets 2022

2. Have you ever heard how good it looks? Okay, the speaker could be helping out! You ‘re actually going to hit the music.

Beautiful Doors Of The World

3. Can you remember Kodak’s good old instant cameras? Ok, this is an Instagram camera that can print your images. At least I think so.

4. This rotating sofa is never going to let your neighbors downstairs think you ‘re jumping on your room!

5. It’s the future today! Or, it will soon be here … It’s a cool little FoldiMate gadget that folds up the clothes.

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6. It is a levitating metal object that can be used to display jewellery or anything as small as that.

7. If your towels were merely a normal, old hanger, this gadget would not be on this list. Not only can it dry damp clothing but it can even desinfect them!

8. Okay , please tell me why getting a clear TV screen is a smart idea? I just might be 65.

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9. This is how you nail a smart interface for a watch.

10. So, it should be a refrigerator, according to the specifications, that uses biopolymer gel to keep the food chill and tasty, but … How about free boxed or fruit and veggy products? Is he trying to coat them in gel? Doesn’t the spray feel sticky all over? These are the questions that keep me busy at night.

veggy products

11. Looks like this is some kind of future pain relieving gizmo.

pain relieving gizmo

12. I’ve always wanted to learn how much my cats do not care about me and this animal-to-human doohickey interpreter would be really useful.

animal-to-human doohickey

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13. In the future not everything should be smart and high, sometimes  heated  socks are all you need.

smart socks

14.This gadget really is something different. It lets you transcribe your singing to an on-the-fly score! Say me this isn’t innovative.

This gadget really is something different

15. Levitating Desk Lamp

Flyte is a portable light bulb that floats in the air over a small wooden base where magnets are built into it. This lamp is already being widely used because it needs a relatively small amount of energy: if it’s on for 6 hours a day, the lamp will operate for 22 years.

Levitating Desk Lamp

16. “Smart” Jacket With Built-In Heater

In the back, shoulder, and wrist regions, the Flexwarm jacket has special heating features. You can change the heat output to match your wishes with the aid of special sensors. A valuable discovery which not only active sports fans can enjoy.

"Smart" Jacket With Built-In Heater

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