11 Dumbest Reasons Why Men Reject Women

There are numerous reasons why a man might reject a woman. The thing is, not all of them are rational and smart. While some might have their reasons for why they don’t feel they ’d be a good match, others have reasons so dumb, they ’ll make your jaw drop. Then are the dumbest reasons why men decide to turn down women.

1. Because she makes further plutocrat than him

This is a veritably silly reason indeed! When a woman makes further plutocrat than a man, it can lead to a shift in the power dynamic, leading men to feel insinuated and paralyzed. While they should be appreciating their woman for her ambition, hard work, and plutocrat, they end up chastising her due to instability.

2. Lack of chemistry

Men are physical brutes, and if they ’re not physically turned on by a woman, all bets are presumably out soon. Unfortunately, men are fickle and this chemistry might change if a woman changes her appearance, undergoes a change in weight, or has been in a long- term relationship with the joe where the original sparks have cooled down.

3. Because he has low tone- regard

While men might project that onto women, it turns out that a lot of them suffer from low tone- regard and just hide it well. This can lead them to feel like they ’re under a microscope and being judged or blamed, but really, it’s the quality they see in themselves.

4. Because he’s a haul

At the end of the day, it might not indeed have to do with you! While we can occasionally be judgy or indigent, none of us are perfect, and by rejecting you rather than retaining up to his veritably mortal excrescencies, he chose to reject you because he thinks he can do better. Spoiler alert! He can’t.

5. Because they ’re shallow

occasionally, if a girl doesn’t look like a supermodel, a joe won’t be into it. The internet and social media specifically have made guys have some ridiculous norms, like wanting a girl to be super skinny with large guts, or someone that gets dolled up every day. Eventually, you earn a joe who appreciates you in your sweats and no makeup.

6. He wants to stay single

This might not inescapably be dumb if it’s for the right reasons, but numerous times a man will reject a woman because he wants to play the field and see his options. A lot of the time, it’s due to a classic player intelligence and reluctance to settle down.

7. He’s turned off by commodity she does

Whether it’s the way she twirls her spaghetti or how she snores, it could be just a little thing that takes him from being on the pedestal of the perfect woman fantasy. As women, we overcome gross effects that men do all the time, but we put up with it! supposedly, occasionally they ca n’t.

8. He’s too controlling

A man might reject a woman because he likes to be in control. He wants to be the one making the first move so he can feel virile, and having her take that occasion from him makes him feel some type of way. rather, he should appreciate an assertive lady as that generally translates to confidence. In that case, she dodged a pellet!

9. Because he plays games

This is one of the worst reasons to reject a woman, and it happens all the time. Guys fed off a woman’s need for a swain, and some of them are extremely controlling. In these situations, they ’re frequently trying to manipulate the situation and indeed gaslight you.

10. He was played in the once

perhaps he has trust issues due to a girl in the once cheating on him, and he’s projecting that fear onto you. Eventually, that’s not fair because you ’re obviously not his partner. Still, this baggage might beget him to miss out on a great girl like yourself, and that’s his loss.

11. He doesn’t know how to date

While saying yes to a woman would be a great way to gain further experience, some inexperienced or socially awkward guys fear because they don’t know how to date. He doesn’t know how to be himself, and might indeed reject a girl because he doesn’t want to feel too eager.

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