10 Most Surreal Natural Phenomena on Earth

You can easily forget how beautiful our planet is when you spend so much time indoors. This has a bit of all-from lush green landscapes to stunning dry deserts, from high-peaked mountains to holes concealed deep within the ocean. Mother Earth is full of mysteries but a fair share of them has already been discovered by mankind. Here’s 10 of the world’s most surreal natural phenomena.


We ‘re all very used to looking at rainbows, even when we’re not getting to enjoy them every day. Look like a moonbow? There is another type of rainbow that appears at night when all conditions are fine. The moon should be bright and very low, and rain will fall at the right angle. Small droplets of water in the sky reflect the light of the moon, producing a beautiful rainbow at night.

Glowing Worms

New Zealand is home to one of Earth’s most magnificent creatures-translucent worms. It might not sound like anything, but if you get to see it at least once, the sight of hundreds of these insects shining in the dark is something you can never forget! Glowing worms are found mainly in caves but you can find them all over the forests of New Zealand. Head to Glowworm caves in Waitomo for a one-of-a-kind experience that will stick with you forever.

Pele’s Hair Lava

We ‘re used to thinking of lava pouring out in waves from a volcano and then transforming into a rough stony layer, but that isn’t the case with Pele ‘s hair lava. When wind comes into play, the lava droplets can be spread into thin hair-like strands that ultimately transform into glass wires. They may reach up to 6 feet! You can still find Pele’s tears inside Pele’s hair-tiny glassy stones that mimic black resin. A similar phenomenon can be found in Norway, but it is named ‘the hair of the sorcerer’ there.

Glowing Beaches

When you dream of seeing neon waves with your own eyes, the beaches of Southeast Asia and Australia have high chances to do so. Thailand and Malaysia are particularly famous for their flickering waves triggered by a special form of phytoplankton flickering in the night, disturbed by movement of water. It’s one of the most grandiose views!

Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia has one of the world’s biggest salt flats-Salar de Uyuni. A salt deposit, extending for over 10,000 km, looks like it came from another world. During the dry season it is bright and hot, offering a desert-like view in the scorching heat, and transforming into a water paradise when the rains arrive, drawing visitors as well as flamingos. Feeling like a massive mirror that mirrors the stars, Salar de Uyuni is one of life’s greatest sights.

Crater Lakes

The majestic crater lakes at Flores, Indonesia, never look the same. At the top of Mount Kelimutu you can find the three crater lakes, and be prepared to see the craziest colors nature can bring when you get there. Much of the time they ‘re a blue, green, and bright red mix, but in other years they can switch color into black, white, and dark brown. No one knows precisely how this happens, but the general idea is that due to the mountain’s volcanic gas, water in the lakes changes colour.

Eye of the Sahara

Often known as the Richat Structure, the Sahara ‘s Eye has been unseen for hundreds of years until eventually mankind went into space and acquired a clearer view of events happening on Earth. This is when the Sahara ‘s Eye was found! This enigmatic creation, located in Mauritania, has still not disclosed its secrets to the scientists. Eye of the Sahara may have seen a volcanic explosion, or a massive meteor entering Earth, dating back hundreds of millions years. Before now, the symmetrical form is puzzling to scientists!

Deadly Red Lake

Lake Natron, Tanzania, is one of the most amazing natural wonders on Earth. It has bright red color that resembles a shot of fruit that you’d drink on a hot summer day. But do not make a mistake, this water is far from nice – yes, it is deadly to almost any creature that comes into the waters of the lake! Because of the high amounts of soda and salt in the water, living creatures are easily calcified here, rendering themselves hideous statues. One animal, however, uses Lake Natron as a breeding ground and even raises its young people here-the pink flamingo! Flamingos dine on the fish and algae that live in the water and become pink like the lake does.

Bent Forest

Poland is home to a very unusual sort of tree that crooks like a question mark on its upside. Szczecin is a spot in the country’s southwest-that ‘s where you can find lots of these beautiful trees. Most of them are hosted in the Krzywy Las area, but you can still find these trees in different places throughout Poland. Nobody really knows what makes these trees take on that shape!

Spotted Lake

Have you ever seen a polka dot pattern rocking lake like it is a trendy dress? Okay, now you have the chance. Located in Canada, each summer, Lake Kliluk dies a little bit, becoming a pretty spotted formation. During summer it gets so hot that the lake ‘s water evaporates, leaving circular prints filled with different minerals, such as sodium sulphate and calcium. It appears out of this dimension!