10 Famous Movie Roles Almost Played By Other Actors

There is a long, excruciating casting for the leading roles before any big film is produced. Sometimes the success of the entire film or film franchise depends on the proper casting of the main characters , particularly with book and comic adaptations. There’s a certain picture in people’s minds and if the actor doesn’t fit well enough-poof! The movie develops into a flop. Most of our favorite movies, of course, had several actors trying for the lead roles. Here’s 10 famous movie roles that other actors almost played.

John Krasinski – Captain America

Can you imagine playing another Captain America? In this role, Chris Evans looked so natural that it’s hard to believe we could have gotten John Krasinski wearing the star-studded suit, helmet and shield.

Jennifer Lawrence – Bella Swan

Wow, it was a close one! This film franchise may have propelled Kristen Stewart into stardom, but it would have killed the career of Jennifer Lawrence, judging by the films she’s starred in since Twilight came out.

Henry Cavill – Edward Cullen

Sure, if the Twilight’s stars were Henry Cavill and Jennifer Lawrence, the film would have been a little more watchable. Still, it’s difficult to imagine Superman Henry Cavill in a dreamy sparkling vampire role in love with a human girl. But that would indeed have been a good-looking vampire!

Saoirse Ronan – Rey

You may like the new Star Wars film or maybe not, but I think we can all agree that Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, looks pretty convincing. It turns out beautiful Saoirse Ronan wanted to play the role too! It’s hard to imagine what would have brought to the table this classy period-drama star, but it might have been interesting!

Britney Spears – Allie Hamilton

The Notebook may have taken a drastic turn with Britney Spears playing the leading lady in our favorite love story. That’s Good! She auditioned for the part, and even tried what she felt like playing in a screen test with Ryan Gosling.

Scarlett Johansson – Judy Shepherd

Will you remember Kirsten Dunst appeared in the 90s hit movie Jumanji? Well, it turns out that Scarlett Johansson auditioned for Judy Shepherd ‘s role too! Happily, without the movie, her career had not suffered in any way.

Liam Hemsworth – Thor

Chris Hemsworth is our favorite Thor in the world, but his little brother Liam could have played the part just as easily. Yeah, it really is! All brothers were in the final five of the soon-to-be-thors, but the creators of film ultimately opted to go along with Chris. Liam likewise would have been a great Thor.

Emma Watson – Mia

La La Land is one of the best romcoms and musicals ever produced but without the chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling it would have looked entirely different. Emma Watson was expected to get Mia’s part but had to cancel because of her Beauty and the Beast shooting.

Matthew McConaughey – Jack

Matthew McConaughey back in the day was all about romcoms and suspense, which is why he auditioned for Jack’s part in Titanic. He was completely certain he would have gotten the job! The movie with him as the leading man would have looked completely different. Will it still turn into the iconic romantic drama that we all know today and love? Whoever knows.

Will Smith – Neo

Despite Keanu Reeves playing the leading role, it’s almost hard to picture what the legendary sci-fi adventure will look like. To Neo he has been such a perfect fit! But it turns out that Will Smith, who had already been big in the nineties, was also invited to play the role. He turned down the opportunity to star in Wild Wild West for better or for worse.